manufacturing of de luxe mobile phones
We would like to thank you for the excellent organisation of the new products launch and also for the improved promotion of our products in Russian retail outlets. This led to Russian dealers considering Vertu a top-priority product and providing us with many more trading areas for the installation of new displays, and more attention being paid to Vertu presentation (shop windows’ design, creating corners, the organisation of promotion campaigns).
system integration, retails, services
The management of NETA appreciates your contribution to the development of our company. The launch of NETA under your supervision has remained the best in the history of our company. This success has lead to new achievements and new opportunities for our employees.
chemical industry
Our work with the company proved the reliability and high professionalism of its staff. We would also like to underline the excellence of the equipment recommended and supplied to us by the company’s specialists.
Having had a long-term, positive experience of cooperation with the company we can recommend it as a quality and experienced partner.
Group of companies FOOD TRADE
distribution, wholesale and retails
We would like to underline the professional, creative approach of the company’s specialists, the high quality of purchased equipment and the complete fulfillment of all commitments. Thanks to our mutual work, the licensed software was installed at the "Food Trade" plant, which enabled us to optimize the performance of our employees. Work on the delivery of the software were both on time and to a high quality.
implementation of business management software
We thank the company’s team for their attention to the client, responsible approach to the work and for the prompt solution of all problems. All the requirements of our specialists were fulfilled accurately and on time.
food production
Thank you for a long – and effective – partnership!
The profound knowledge of advanced technologies and the thorough analysis of the details of the customer’s enterprise enables the company’s specialists to develop and implement performance-boosting solutions.
We want to thank your company for the accurate and efficient work of your team and for your attention to your clients.
Having had experience with other contractors we appreciate your attentive attitude to our requirements, flexible approach, reasonable pricing, accurate execution of orders and the promptness of your dealing with all unforeseen situations.
electric-power industry
During the period of our cooperation the company’s employees created unique technologies to supply large corporations with goods and services of a high quality and at a reasonable price. We express our gratitude to your company and your employees for their attentive attitude, professionalism, an individual approach for each problem that arose and for the prompt solution of technical and administrative problems.
production of communication facilities
We would like to thank the company’s team for their high professionalism demonstrated during the period of our cooperation. I would especially like to stress the quality and reliability of the decisions recommended by your specialists which enabled us to solve our production objectives on time, as well as to reduce after sales service costs.
unified national electric grid
The company’s specialists applied solutions enabling us to maximize management and operational services leading to a significant reduction in infrastructure costs. A comprehensive set of solutions implemented by the company’s specialists enabled us to provide real-time management on the ground for the corporate network with the support of remote web access. We would like to emphasise the professionalism of this young and dynamic team.
The Ural Commercial Bank of Foreign Trade
During the time they worked with our bank, the company proved itself a reliable and high established partner. I think this was achieved thanks to the excellent qualifications of the company’s specialists, the sequence of operations of the company management and the mutual respect for both parties of the ethics of business relationships. Another integral part of our cooperation, alongside business relationships, is a personal trust which helps us to overcome any difficulties and ensures the continued development of their business.
structural building
Our successful work with your company confirmed for us the professionalism and competence of your specialists in state-of-the-art technologies, similar to the technological advances in foreign firms. Your team is constantly innovating, providing not only a high quality of execution, but also the complete fulfillment of contractual promises.
Motovilikhinskiye zavody
machine building holding
The management of JSC “Motovilikhinskiye zavody” expresses gratitude to your company for the full execution of the contract commitments. The company’s employees dealt with our problems efficiently and professionally, so that we managed to reach our target earlier than planned.